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Awsome Entertainment

Our family has seen several Chinese Acrobats Shows in Branson over the years and the Acrobats of Shanghi rates #1 of the shows. The agility of the acrobats and the number of different routines they provide in the show is fun to watch.


Great Show!

These acrobats were wonderful. Lots of different mini shows. Lots of color and action and perfect for any child or adult.




Must see!

We had no idea what to expect from this show. There was a super short pre show that consisted of 2 young boys doing a few tricks together. It was cute, but nothing like what was coming in the actual show! Every performance blew us away. Such talented people. We thank you for working so hard and putting together a great show! I told my husband and son that the “dancing” parts were like watching Chinese hula…the movements and grace and story they were telling between the acrobatics was beautiful. Definitely family friendly and definitely worth every penny. We paid full price.


Great Show!

My daughter (15 years old) and I were lucky enough to have front row seats for the show. We were highly impressed. The show was fantastic. There were several parts of the show where I was sure it was some sort of trick or illusion, only to discover it was pure talent. Their artistry and talent are truly impressive. The personalities of the performers shone through! I would see the show again in a heartbeat! Look for discount tickets, but even without, the show is worth the price. Please note there is another show in town with a similar name. Make sure you book this show!


Beautiful Show

Branson is a generational experience for our entire extended family… we’ve been frequent visitors for years. This was my first time to see the acrobats… and it will now forever be on my ‘to do’ list here! These kids are amazingly talented… my 83-yr old mom was hesitant to go with us… and she cheered and clapped the entire time. The entire crew of acrobats is amazing… but I was mesmerized by the plates! HOW do they do it?? It was a beautiful act as well… with the lighting and costumes. We loved it all… the yo-yo’s are crazy amazing(I bought my granddaughter the yo-yo in the gift shop and we have YET to even get the thing spinning! Lol) and the boys flying through the hoops will have you cheering! Do not miss this show when you are in Branson!


Amazing Is An Understatement!

My wife and I recently attended an 8 PM show of the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai. This is the second show of the day and it is mind-boggling that they can perform these shows twice each day! The show is at the Mickey Gilley Theater. There are many segments of acrobatic (and cultural) feats, with a 15 minute intermission, and spans close to 2 hours in duration. The gift shop had a lot of people packed into it, so I suspect it had a lot of great things to remember the experience. There was a man that was creating personalized items for different customers. I was impressed that the concessions were not outrageously-priced. We bought a box of Raisinettes and a large soda for $6. We went through Branson Tourism and redeemed our ticket voucher with no hassle at all. We were in the second row for the show. Without giving away much about the show, I will tell you that I could have clapped the whole time. Each time the acrobats would perform something that I could never do, they would take it up another notch…then another…then another…then another. I also enjoyed the sharing of the cultural and historical significance for many of the segments. I will share a couple of pictures, but they simply do not do justice to feats and the people performing them. if you are not amazed after seeing this show, you have no pulse.


Entertaining & breathtaking

Great show! Best we saw in Branson as it was real and not perfect! The stunts were truly bated breath as some didn’t go perfectly and were repeated! Very talented and practiced young people.


Amazing acrobats of Shanghai is a first class show that everyone should see when you’re in Branson Missouri

Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai are awesome, one of the top shows in Branson Missouri, s must see, fantastic features that you will remember for a lifetime


This show was just like its title says, “Amazing”! The acrobats were all very talented. We were so impressed! They performed balancing, juggling, dish spinning, high flying, and literally jumped through hoops in such unexpected ways that kept the audience on their toes! Will definitely recommend this show!


Talent, Talent Talent!!

What an outstanding value! This show rivals the best shows I’ve seen. Ropes, tubes, yo-yos, balance, juggling, flexibility, beautiful dancing and amazing high flying beauty. I am so glad we booked this! Even my two artistic children loved it!


Total Enjoyment

These acrobats were all very young and totally amazing. They went from one act to another with more awe then the act before. The auditorium was very nice and very comfortable, and very clean. Parking and entry and exit was user friendly. Check It Out.

Art, Beauty and FUN!

Beautifully amazing. Such talent in an amazing performance. Stunning, funny, beautiful, artistic, engaging and great for a family.


Art, Beauty and FUN!

Beautifully amazing. Such talent in an amazing performance. Stunning, funny, beautiful, artistic, engaging and great for a family.


They were truly amazing

The acrobats were very talented, the show moved along at a nice pace and the costumes were bright and colorful. Of the six shows I saw while in Branson this was in my top two along with Samson.


Two Hours of Great Entertainment

The acrobats were amazing. Talented, entertaining, and engaging, these performers did a great job of keeping the audience clapping. I would highly recommend for young and old, for singles, couples, and families. Don’t miss one of their performances if you visit Branson.


Edge of your seat

This was an amazing show it had parts of beauty and Grace and then head parts that kept you on the edge of your seat for fear of what was going to happen awesome show highly recommended to young and old alike will definitely go see again


Wow, fast and awesome

Fast paced, amazing acts, and killer performance. We came here first before going to the China one, and trust me, this out the others to shame. Great show, thank you.


Excellent performances!

I had seen some Chinese circus performers who presented assemblies at the school at which I taught, and so I was familiar with some of the skills involved. The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai, however, took those skills to extraordinary levels and created a truly exciting two-hour display of what we musicians call virtuosity. These very young men and women are world-class athletes whose skills–combined with music, lighting, and choreography–create what can only be described as art. Suitable for all ages and well worth the price of admission.



This is a must see in Branson. Hands down our family’s favorite show! Would have to give this our highest recommendation…totally exceeded our expectation. These are talented kids from China and the things they do will seriously amaze you!!!


Must Go

For my family, this show was great. I teenagers, as well as younger children, and everyone was pleased.My family could not stop talking about how good this show was when we left. There were a couple of acts in the show that almost put me to sleep, but overall, it was very entertaining. I would see it twice if time permitted. If you are in to this sort of entertainment, it is well worth the price.


They truly are AMAZING!!! Put this on your MUST GO TO list for Branson.

We took our 2 grandchildren ages 6 and 9. Within 10 minutes we were impressed and had our money’s worth! Kids and adults (all ages) will love this. Very entertaining and educational as to some cultural/heritage info also. Gift shop very unique as there is a craftsman there. Love how all the performers gather in the lobby later for photos. They were all very patient and appreciative. Definitely recommend this show!