Reviews from Around the Web

30 December 2015
“It was awesome! Definitely a hidden gym worth seeing!”Jamie Green


26 November 2015
“We treated our sons to this amazing show on Thanksgiving. Amazing indeed!!! Highly recommend!! Thank you Acrobats!”Carla Moryer-Silas


24 November 2015
“Great show!!!! The acrobats are absolutely amazing and the routines are great. Especially with some comedy mixed in!”Jimmy Shaun Hallman


13 August 2015
“I have been to Branson 4 times and this is the 1st time I have seen your show. This is by FAR the best show I have ever seen. We had our 3 year old with us who usually is in bed by 8pm and we attended the 8pm show so I was scared she would need to leave early, but she was entertained the whole time. We were all amazed. We almost came back the next day to watch it again!!!! Keep up the great work. Will definitely see you all again if we come back!”Melissa Gulizia


8 October 2015
“Absolutely fantastic show. Fast paced demonstration of acrobatic skill. We really enjoyed the show and applaud the strength and energy of the performers. Plus for me was they allow still photography, as long as you don’t use flash. I got lots of great shots. Prepare to be amazed!”Norm Lenburg


26 August 2015
“Of all the acrobatic shows I have seen, Amazing acrobats of Shanghai gave me three reactions: gave me adrenaline, excitement, and the urge to see it again! Each act was full of style, grace, and daring performances that kept me at the edge of my seat. Truly a must see show in Branson. I give this show 2 thumbs up.”Rhonda Whitworth